About Us

Founded in Toronto by hard working business student who loves to serve others, Mr. O Phillips.

Taught by his parents to first do your best for people and they will come back. This positive attitude and mind set has earned HFMovers a position as major resource for anyone who needs to move furniture, supplies or needs a construction bin to move any form of waste from construction demolition items to the smallest envelope anywhere in GTA or close by cities.

The Help

If you need a team or a special assistant to help you move your furnishings or to fill a bin after we drop it off we are here to help.


Moving your own items can be like moving a tonne of bricks so we will give you free consultation on moving ideas or bin or junk removal ideas.


Start with us end with us we will have a great journey either moving with you or providing your bin and the extra help if you require or simply picking up and dropping off your confidential package.

Contact Us

34 Curtis Cres ,
Toronto, M1B 2B8.

Please Contact: +1 416-428-7247

Email : info@hfmovers.com

We Value You

Your needs to move or have items delivered or simply have a Bin dropped off or picked up are our priority for you , including any extra help you might need.

The Easy Way Difference

We listen to your needs and then we move it move it......

We’re Listening

Make the call today tell us your needs . Planning a move? Find a local mover.

Need a Bin ? Need a Loader ? Need a Package picked up or delivered ?

Quality Service

We are in it for the long term ask about references.

Interesting Facts About Us

  • > Furniture Movers
  • > Bin Drop off and Pick up for construction or personal junk removal
  • > Delivery Service
  • > Helpers provided if needed
  • > Every job , bin or move is custom to your needs

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